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Entrepreneurship in music

Last week I attended the first meeting of the European Association of Conservatoires' (AEC) Polifonia working group on Entrepreneurship in Music. We'll be working over the next 3 years to develop insights into key issues and to locate useful resources including case studies both of entrepreneurial musicians and of support/enabling structures in musician's training. I was struck by the way in which what is often a quite narrow definition of entrepreneurship focused or hard business skills opened out in our discussions, to include for example the critical importance of artistic vision and it's relationship to context, and understanding of the collaborative and interdisciplinary skills that often underpin success. I was also struck by the relatively small numbers of pertinent case studies at our finger tips. It seems that this is indeed a field that needs to grow, particularly in the field of classical music.

In a nutshell

So why should you be interested in Learning in and through the Performing Arts?

The collaborative processes of the performing arts open a pandora's box of possibilities for artistic, personal and organizational development. They are subtle and multi-layered, embodied practices that can yield much more than what individuals bring to them, creatively and in terms of human exchange. My work is about continuing to develop these processes for the twenty-first century, so that artists can adapt to their changing contexts and enable their work to take root as creative entrepreneurs, and so that the processes of the arts can be shared and enhanced through exchange with other disciplines and across cultural contexts.